1/1/2022  Roman

  1. Make sure your annual review succeeds: – This is the part where most of the people commit blunders. Annual review is a time when people should throw the proposal for a pay hike as it would be a loss to keep mum during that time. To err is human. No man can be perfect in their deeds as there is always some sort of compromise involved with every work. For these mistakes, your boss might coax you during the annual reviews and might say that your small blunders put a constraint on the progress of the corporation. This is the time when you have to prove yourself. In case if you have committed blunders over the course of the fiscal, you have to make your boss understand that this experience has enlightened you regarding your mistakes and that such mistakes will not be repeated in the project of the following years. Add the point that your blunders actually gave you a quite clear insight of the upcoming projects and the changes that you are planning to make in it.
  2. Stay Optimistic For Your Annual Reviews: – You need to make your superiors understand how ambitious you are for the next projects. Also, give them an idea regarding a few strategies which you will take into account for the next fiscal so that there can be no scope for any form of gaffes in your work.There might be instances where your superiors will express their disagreement in giving you a promotion. This is the point where you can actually bring out the dynamic visionary side of yourself and propose an action plan for the progress of the company over the next few years. Talk to them about future goals and how you propose to achieve them efficiently. If this plan of yours strikes a chord with your boss, then the chances of your promotion escalate. Once you have given them a clear insight of your plan, propose another meeting six months from then.
  3. Steamroll your superiors by ascertaining your value to the company

A successful project and ample experience definitely escalates the chances of promotion but what if your superiors are still reluctant to give in? Then this might be high time for you to stand up and make your superiors realize your value to the company.

  • You can give them an insight into the projects which you handled and the way you contributed towards the positive outcomes. If you got more clients on board than your fellow colleagues, then make sure that you have it documented properly. Furthermore, if your solutions have found value to the company, then you ought to list them appropriately so that your capability can be recognized well by your superiors.
  • Finally as icing on the cake, tell them that you have bagged an offer from another firm which is willing to pay you a higher salary than yours. This trick might just intimidate your superiors and incline them towards your demands. However, for this trick to work, you need to have an array of successful projects up your sleeve which you can rely upon.
  • Let us say your boss agrees to give you an increase of 5%. Will that be suitable for you? Or, can you bring some of your counter-negotiation methods into play? You can also emphasize on tuition reimbursement. Perhaps, a long time for vacations is also something which you can propose to your boss. Therefore, make sure that you put up the right arguments with your boss so that he does not have any second thoughts while giving you an increment in salary.